The Aist (the Stork)

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Dolgaya hill is the highest point in Nizhny Tagil (379.4 m above sea level). Therefore, in the 60s it was decided to build ski jumping hills. One day the director of the Vysokogorsky Mine Administration Sergey Nikolaev watched ski jumping competition in Sverdlovsk (now Ekaterinburg). After that he wanted to build ski jumping hills in his native city Nizhny Tagil. Soon at the Dolgaya mountain 70-meter hill for competitions and 20-meter hill were build for kids trainings.

In early 1970s, for the Spartakiad of the Peoples of the USSR it was decided to build another 90-meter ski jumping hill and modernize the 70-meter hill.

From then until the middle of the 2000s, Russian competitions of various levels were held at Dolgaya hill. After that, the venue was closed for complete reconstruction. During reconstruction four actually new ski jumping hills (K-40, K-60, K-90, and K-120) were built. Also cross country ski stadium appeared on Dolgaya hill. The ultra-modern venue of jumping hills was open for athletes again at the very end of 2012. From next year, the «Aist» venue entered (was accepted) to the international FIS family.





16-17 March 2013 

Continental Cup final (men) 2012-2013 


13-15 September 2013

Grand Prix stage (women and men) 2013


15-16 March 2014

Continental Cup final (men) 2013-2014


12-14 December 2014

World Cup stage (men) 2014-2015


14-15 March 2015

Continental Cup final (men) 2014-2015


11-13 December 2015

World Cup stage (women and men) 2015-2016


9-11 December 2016

World Cup stage (women) 2016-2017


1-3 December 2017

World Cup stage (men) 2017-2018


30 November – 2 December 2018

World Cup stage (men) 2018-2019

15-17 March 2019

World Cup final «Blue bird» (women) 2018-2019

6-8 December 2019

World Cup stage (men) 2019-2020

14-15 March 2020

World Cup final «Blue bird» (women) 2019-2020

5-6 December 2020
World Cup stage (men) 2020-2021

20-21 March 2021

World Cup final «Blue bird» (women) 2020-2021


20-21 November 2021
World Cup stage (men) 2020-2021

25-27 November 2021

World Cup stage (women) сезона 2021-2022

19-20 March 2022
World Cup final «Blue bird» (women) 2021-2022




10-12 March 2017

Continental Cup final (men) 2016-2017


9-11 March 2018

Continental Cup final (women and men) 2017-2018

8-10 March 2019

Continental Cup final (women and men) 2018-2019

11-12 March 2020

Continental Cup final (women and men) 2019-2020

12-14 March 2021 года
Continental Cup final (women and men) 2020-202


25-27 November 2021 года

Continental Cup final (men) сезона 2021-2022


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The ski complex on Dolgaya mountain is one of two in Russia that meets the requirements of FIS (International Ski Federation). A unique complex was selected for one of the biggest events in sports for the terrain, infrastructure and beautiful views for TV shootings.

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